Wednesday, August 31, 2016


We spent a good amount of time in South Carolina visiting Savannah and Charleston.  Two places I've always wanted to visit.  We even got a bonus visit with some friends from Nebraska, who were passing through on their summer vacation!!

Then we headed up to North Carolina to visit with my sister, Aunt and Uncle.  The weather was a bit cooler and the views were awesome!!


My name is Gump, Forrest Gump

 South Carolina:  The Low Country Museum in Yamassee.  (AJ rode a mile each way on his own bicycle)

Magnolia Plantation, SC:

Hand Carved Canoe used by the Plantation workers

The trees are beautiful!!!

LJ's nemesis.  Once the Goose realized we were not going to feed him, he took out his frustration with a peck to LJ.  He has yet to re-enter a petting zoo.

This is Jon.  On his bicycle.  We hit stopped traffic on our way into the mountains, so Jon hopped on his bike with AJ and headed up the mountain.

Our campsite in NC.  The boys slept over a small cliff...yikes!

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