Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Year, New Adventures

After hitting up the East coast last year, celebrating our one year RViversary, and starting a new year we have been busy!!  Visiting family and work has been at the top of our priorities so far.  It's nice that both of those happen in the warmer states, to avoid wintering in the RV.   I didn't like winter in a house, much less in a fiberglass box with poor insulation.
Visiting Uncle Rocket

A no-kids getaway!!

The kids are growing like weeds, that is.  AJ is growing inches every day, I swear! LJ is outgrowing his clothes every second and Baby A skipped walking and went right to running to catch up with her brothers.  They say don't blink and I've tried not to, but it keeps happening.  They are always getting bigger, smarter, more independent, and wiser every day.  Goodness I'm so fortunate I get to witness everything that I do.

Checking out the Fort near
one of our campgrounds.

Hanging out with her cousin.

Biking to the museum
(AJ is on his own bike now)

Flying kites on the beach
 (his expression says it all)

The Coug
That's what I named the RV, Jon is not on board.  She has been through the ropes this year and has taught us a thing or two.  If you missed Jon's previous post be sure to check it out.   (And have a barf bag ready)  We've spent some time making needed updates and fixes to her, but I feel like a family of 5 with 3 littles under 5  is not what she was meant to house.  It's all good, we have a tent.  Just kidding, she is hanging in there but we are definitely beating her up a bit and making her our own along the way.

How Much Longer?
We get asked how much longer we want to do this for.  My answer used to be "I don't know".   But it's changed to, "As long as possible."  With a few exceptions.  We have covered a lot of miles and plan to cover even more this year.  But I'll be honest.  The speed at which we have been going is going to have to change.  I feel like we are constantly moving, constantly changing things up, constantly on the road.  Yes, that is why we are doing this lifestyle (among a million other reasons)  but, we don't need to be covering the entire country every year either.  After 2017 we will slow down a bit.  Take longer stops and shorter distance drives.  We plan to visit a lot of friends and family this year and then slooooow dooooown.

We have big plans this year! Let us know where you will be and we can see if we can match it up!   Are you vacationing this year to a new place? What are your 2017 plans?