Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hiking, Biking and the Great Outdoors... Continued.

     The last blog was title Hiking, Biking and the Great Outdoors.  Yet there was no mention of biking in the story at all.  What gives?

    Well, prior to our "alligator hunt" we took our first family bike ride.  That's right - two bikes, two kid's seats and a trailer and we were all set for our journey to the local plantation museum a mile from the campground.  But just before peddling off, AJ stated his case that he should ride his own bike.  He'd been practicing for the past two days in the yard and was ready for the big time - the open road.  We set out, LJ on back of Jon's bike; Baby A, car seat and all, strapped securely in the bike trailer; and AJ rocking the training wheels.  It was a full mile to the Civil War era plantation, and we each made it without a scratch.  Our first family bike ride, including Baby A's first ever ride, was a huge success!

 LJ rocking the Hawaiian shirt
        A zoom shot of Baby A and AJ as they zoom along.

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