Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In The Beginning...

Our adventures begin, not as you would expect but with an adventure in downsizing. Let me back up a bit. About 2 years ago, my husband ("Dad") and I started thinking about upcoming changes in our life.  We were beginning the waiting process of new orders with the Navy.  We knew that if Dad stayed on his current career path as a Naval flight officer, his next assignment would be on an aircraft carrier, deployed for about half the length of his 2 year assignment. We mutually decided this was not where we saw our family going.  So we started searching other options. Dad started pursuing a transfer into human resources while also considering the option of becoming a civilian.  This brought up even more questions. What did he want to do for work? Where would we want to do it? How could we financially set our selves up to be prepared to buy another home with as small of a mortgage as possible, if any? As Dad started attending career fairs and seminars he started finding his interests and passions and pursuing leads in the local area as practice for when it was time to really set our sights on what would come next. 

So where did we want to go? We've always considered the southeast, but the southeast is a large area and we were stumped as to how to randomly pick a place and decide to call it home no matter how much research we could do.  I remember one day Dad brought up the idea of living in an rv so we could "sample" areas we might consider for our new home. At first I thought he was crazy, but something started to change in me at this time.  I began to realize I had a dependence on stuff.  I would go to the store for a new dress and come home with 5 new decor pieces. Come to find out ceramic centerpieces are not practical with toddlers.  I began to look around and see all of our excess cluttering every available space in our modest 750 square foot home.  Everyday I was faced with anxiety about where things should go and why it seemed I could never get rid of the clutter. And then it dawned on me. I have to get rid of this stuff. I want to become less dependent on stuff and more content with less. And then the craziest idea entered my mind. You have to have less stuff if you live in an RV. And so began the idea that has started to take shape in our lives as our "dream" of living in an RV full time.

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  1. As usual, very well written and I believe anyone who reads it will get the full picture as to how you guys came to this decision to live in an RV. I am so used to reading and following you on FB that I kept looking for the "like" button on so many things you said. Anyway, can't wait to see where this adventure takes you and be part of this journey! Love you lots, Mom