Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crisis #6-Grease Em Up

Our new tires went on in a jiff.  It was only 10am and we were about to hit the road, ready for the long haul to Omaha.  As I was walking out to the truck a mechanic caught up to me and asked if I was told about the wheels.
 What about them?
"Well, the bearings look like they need to be repacked.  I didn't think it was too big of a deal but I heard you were driving all the way out to Nebraska.  I'm a bit concerned about you going so far on wheels like that."
"How long for you guys to fix them?"
"Oh, we don't have the manpower to do that today.  I'd take it back to the dealer you bought the trailer from and make them do it, should be no cost to you."

Well, seeing as we bought it private party, that wasn't really an option.  There was, however, the RV service center just 15 miles west that did our pre-purchase inspection.  We arrived around 11 and explained the situation.  After some convincing, they bumped as up above four other pending repair jobs to get it done and get us on the road.  Should be able to get started around 1:30, they said.  Its about an hour job per wheel, so we'll get a couple of people on it.

We went to a local truck stop a few miles down the road with trailer in tow to grab a bite and wait until 1:30.  The trailer came with us of course, as we had no interest in having to unhitch and re-hitch the thing to pull the trailer into the garage.  After $100 in diesel, a trip to the CAT scales (combined weight just over 16,000 lbs), and a viewing of Frozen on the laptop in McDonald's with Khaki hiding out under the table, we went back to the RV service center for our wheel bearing grease up.  The boys couldn't have been happier, running circles through the isles of their RV supply shop.  With still a 10 hour drive ahead, I attempted to sleep on AJ's cot we set up in the corner of the store.  With LJ smashing RV chains repeatedly against the ground, and AJ squealing with glee, there wasn't a wink of sleep to be had.  Fortunately the repairs only took 2 hours and by 3pm we hit the road.

My view while trying to "sleep" in the RV store.

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