Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our New Home

The great state calls us forth, beckoning us east for the third, or is it the fourth time now?  Its draw mesmerizes.  In the past few weeks we located several ideal vehicles, amazingly all from this magical land of used car goodness. The latest of which sent us on our first excursion to purchase our tow vehicle (a Ford Excursion, of course).  And now we find ourselves barreling down that same stretch of highway at 70 mph with well over 8,000 pounds of steel, hand-stitched (well, stitched) leather, and Chick-Fil-A nuggets carrying our momentum.  The subtle whine of the turbo serenades us like the Song of the Sirens, drawing us forward.  With nearly 600 miles remaining; SCREEEECH!  We forgot the money!  Nearly 200 Benjamins sit lonely under our mattress.  The journey will have to begin another time.  We turn back to Nebraska.
- - -
Money in hand we journey onward, much too late to be considered the early start we always seek but can never find.  With over 600 miles that lay before us, one would think we'd be leaving the Midwest for the eastern United States, or at least the Mideast.  But somehow this enchanted land of no daylight savings time remains in the Midwest. Corn and soy blanket the landscape as far as the eye can see.  Such will be our view seemingly until the end of time.

But we carry on nonetheless as our 36 foot chariot awaits us in the land of Indiana.  With no experience towing, pulling, hauling, loading, or otherwise moving such a large item, we intend to wrestle 18,000 combined pounds back to "The Good Life".

[Editors (Mama's) note: If it isn't clear, we are driving to Indiana to pick up our new-to-us travel trailer.]

Some stops along the way...
LJ checkmated him in 3 moves!  A progidy!

Wait... what?  An amazing ice cream place named after me?!  Its about time.

LJ cheesin' for the camera.

We hope to cross paths with Whitey's Ice Cream again one day.   Even ignoring the name, it was amazing!

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