Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The closer we get to a decision on Dad's career the antsier I get to live in this RV.  About a month ago Dad and I drove to/from Dallas while listening to a book on tape by Marie Kondo on the Japanese art of tidying.
About a week later I took every article of my wardrobe (winter, summer, and maternity) and dumped it into a pile in my living room. *see photo.  I separated the clothes into 2 piles. One, as Marie would say, gave me joy, while the other did not. It wasn't about what I have or haven't worn recently it was about being happy with every article of clothing I owned.

Guess what? Before this sorting I could only fit one of the three wardrobes mentioned above in my closet/dresser at a time. Now I could fit all 3 wardrobes at once!  It felt good! It was like getting rid of this weight I didn't even know was there. I donated 6 large garbage bags of clothing! 6! It's been over a month now and there isn't a single article of clothing that I miss. And every day I wear something that I truly like.

I consider this the beginning of my process to living with less and finding contentment in it.

AJ taking my picture before the sorting began.

The "no joy" pile

My 'helper', LJ

Before this would only be one of the seasonal wardrobes, now it has my winter, summer and maternity wardrobes all together.

My beautifully organized drawers!

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  1. This. Is. Amazing!!! I have purged a ton, but I keep some work clothes I MAY wear again, in a couple years. I am going to purge them today!