Thursday, June 30, 2016

"So, what do you do with your time?"

It's one of the most common questions I'm asked when catching up with friends that are aware of my new situation.  You know, working fewer than 50 days per year and taking 300+ days off, just the opposite of what life used to be.  Instead of drumming up a typical long-winded explanation, a series of photos will probably do a better job.  

I intended a 30 minute interval, but missed a few photos along the way.  I apologize for my low-end poor quality camera phone.

8:15 am - I haven't even rolled out of bed yet, and with a face like this in bed with me, I have little reason to.

8:47 am - Preparing an easy breakfast for the boys.

9:16 am - And something a little extra special for Brynn.

9:46 am - Getting ready for church.

10:01 am - Driving to 10 o'clock church service.

11:34 am - Wrapping up some post church visits with old friends.

11:34 am - Bonus picture too cute to pass up.

12:04 pm - Heading to Royal Palm with the whole gang for some classic diner deliciousness.

1:06 pm - We've surpassed LJ's naptime.

1:48 pm - I cave to childhood pressure, and take the kids to join Mama and Greegraw on a short shopping outing.  We hang out in the truck while LJ and Baby "A" nap it out for a bit.

2:18 pm - A quick meet up with Brynn's aunt and uncle, just passing through.

2:49 pm - We're getting restless at "It's Fashion Metro."

2:49 pm - I'm with you Baby "A".  This shopping thing is boring.

3:19 pm - Load 'em up, let's head home!

3:56 pm - Diaper change!

4:27 pm - My version of the same.  Hey, I was at my photo interval, so I snapped the shot in the moment.

5:05 pm - Organizing the trailer's outside storage compartment to fit in my old fishing tackle

5:35 pm - Still at it, now with help from my LJ.

6:19 pm - Driving with my in-laws to check out a possible RV parking spot on a coworker's property since our stay in their driveway was only a temporary solution.  

6:32 pm - The driveway in question.  The fence across the street ended up making parking here an impossibility.

7:33 pm - Cleaning up the kiddos with the luxury of a full-size tub at the grandparents' house.

8:04 pm - Some winding down time for Baby A.

10:37 pm - Some winding down time for me after getting the kids to sleep.

11:07 pm - Bed!  Whew, what a day!

Just to be clear, this was actually a rather busy, atypical day considering how much time we spent on the road.  We drove to church, then directly out to eat, followed immediately by shopping on the other side of town, and didn't make it home until nearly 4 pm!  A day like this, particularly with the clothing shopping, may come up only once or twice a year.  

What I realized in photo-journaling my day is that the vast majority of my time is spent with my wife and kids, just as I intend it!  In 18 of the 24 pictures I am actively spending time with my family, whether it be in the car driving somewhere, changing a diaper, taking care of some household chores, or enjoying a meal together.  Most days I expect more than 90% of my time is spent within 5 feet of any one of my family members, often all of them. 

The overarching goal in this new lifestyle is to spend as much time as possible with my family.  Particularly with the kids while they are young, and with my wife so she isn't left with nearly all of the responsibilities of parenthood in what to me can be an overwhelming experience when doing it alone.  Despite my previous post on sometimes feeling inefficient in how I spend my time, I need to be reminded that time with family is among the most important goals I have, and I achieve it on a daily basis.   And in this particular photo shoot, staying in the driveway of Greegraw and Pop's provided the extra bonus of the kids spending tons of time with the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  

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