Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reliving The Past

We came down to San Antonio to visit with some friends we made in Omaha that have since moved down to Texas.  Originally we were only staying for 2 days, but remember that sickness episode AJ had in my previous post?  Yeah we all got a turn with that sucker.  So we decided to stay longer.  Our next stop is to visit with friends too, but they were out of town for a few days.  Here we are a week after arriving, still enjoying San Antonio.
You may not know this but Jon and I met here in San Antonio 9 years ago.  Hard to believe its been that long.  But we fell in love in this city and it's sweet to be back.  We took the boys to a restaurant I celebrated my 22nd or 23rd birthday together at.  It was kind of a joke of a place.  It's a 24 hour Mexican Restaurant with a 4 story playground that serves margaritas and pina coladas by the pound.  The kids loved it and the food was actually better than we remembered.  
Jon and I needed new IDs so we took the kids to the base where it all started.  They got to see the plane we were trained on.  It has since been retired and a memorial has been created with one on display.  We got some major cool points for having worked on an airplane in AJs opinion.
We are in the middle of selling our house,which means having to get documents printed, notarized and mailed.  Being that we don't own a printer we made the best of the multiple military bases and their free resources.  This time we stopped at Lackland where the kids got to run around a whole slew of classic military aircraft on dispay at the parade grounds.  For being dragged around to the legal office they were pretty happy.
I forgot all that this city has to offer, and we only tasted a small amount during our visit.  We wanted to take the kids to see the Alamo, but thought it might be above their heads.  We decided to find something a little more kid friendly and landed on the Hemisfair Park in downtown San Antonio.  They had a blast climbing on the rope playground, running through the water features and playing on the piano there in the park.  We walked down the Riverwalk with them as they aww'd at the passing tour boats and ducks.  

Being able to visit with friends and share a bit of our past with our kids made for a memorable visit to this great city.  We hope to be back again soon, but for now we are headed East! 
Eating at Chacho's with the kids.
They thought the 3 story playground was the bees knees!

You really start to feel old when they
retire your first aircraft and display it on base.

The kids (big and small)  enjoying the Hemisfair Park

Can't leave San Antonio without a trip to Sea World.
Check out their awesome military deal

This picture might deserve a blog of it's own.
We had a short visit with friends in College Station who
let us borrow their backyard for a campsite.  We got the
trailer in, but it was a tight fit and we were tempted to call it quits
a few times. 

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