Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 Families, 3 RVs

We made it to Florida!!  Jon wanted to show the family around the town he loved while being in flight school.  So we stopped in Pensacola for 5 days.  Fortunately we have base access so we got to stay on a small beach on the Naval Base property.  I've decided we could move in permanently.

Aside from the lack of sewer hookup it was such a great place with the kids.
The campground was relatively empty, with the exception of the 10 fulltimers/snowbirds that were there. The boys basically had an entire campground to run and play in, which they took full advantage of.  Our spot was about 100 yards from a small beach that was protected from the wind that hit the area a few days after we got there.  They also had a really nice pavillion with a BBQ, a military themed putt putt course and boat rentals.  The staff were very nice and helpful and no one complained about our dog barking or homeless-looking children running around.

We discovered that some of Jon's Navy buddies were back in the area so we planned to meet up at the Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola.  It's free, it's accessible to the general public and best of all, the kids LOVED it!  They have model ships in display cases upon entering where AJ discovered planes that looked like "Skipper" (from Disney's Planes movie) parked on the runways.  After the ship display you find an indoor playground!!

You cannot understand the excitement I had at seeing this.  It was such a creative playground that was designed to look like the bridge of a carrier surrounded by seats taken out of a cargo plane of some sort where we got to sit and watch the kids run around.  AJ decided it was time to go look at airplanes but much to his disappointment 'Dusty" wasn't there.  Aside from the museum being low on cartoon crop dusters both boys seemed thrilled to climb on planes and run around.

During our visit to the museum our friends informed us that another flight buddy of Jon's was in town for the week.  So we had everyone over for a BBQ at our campground.  This was my first time 'hosting' a social event out of our trailer, but get this...all three of our families live in RVs full-time.  Crazy right? Both of the other families, one with four kids and one with 3, have been stationary in their RVs for some time. Maybe this is a trend the Navy needs to jump into.  RV spots can be a lot cheaper than a mortgage.

Jon spent one of the days in Pensacola replacing our brand new brakes on the truck.  It had been shaking violently every time we pushed the brake pedal.  For someone who had never done car maintenance on a regular basis before he sure has gotten a lot of learning opportunities recently. Fortunately he is a rock star and learns very quickly.

Next stop...Tallahassee!!

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