Monday, December 28, 2015

It Seems So Trivial

As I introduced in my most recent post, I intended to carry on a discussion (with myself, yes) regarding the Importance of Work.  This would carry forward for 6 weeks explaining how I justify this shift from a traditional work life without neglecting these important areas.  I've been working on round one of that series, "Work, an Income" for something like three weeks now.  It's near completion, and yet it all seems so trivial now.  I took all this time to analyze current budgets and anticipated future budgets, looking back over years of spending history for accurate reporting.  I make $100 a year sound like a bit of a big deal.  Discussing the topic, at least in the way I have laid it out, feels very self-involved.  The whole thing can be summed up in a sentence: I'll need some money to live so I'll need to work (some).  

The whole thing feels even more trivial considering the life changing events that are happening in my own life and those nearest to me.  As Mama pointed out, Baby A (Baby Girl) was brought into this world.  It feels silly to write a blog post mentioning how much it might cost me to use a laundry facility while RV living without first sharing this news.  Certainly the new child is far more important and impactful in my life than how many quarters I'll need for the laund-o-mat.  But by focusing on the "Work Series," I'm putting my time and mental energy* into writing about this completely unrelated topic.  Odd isn't it?  One of the most amazing things that will happen in my life has just unfolded with the birth of my third child, my only little girl, and I'm writing about a budget, not her.  

Additionally, my parents just days ago experienced the complete loss of their home and belongings after an EF3 tornado tore through their town.  It makes the fact that I'll save a few dollars a month on reduced internet costs seem... well, trivial.  How can I sit and write about such petty things in my own life when others so close to me are experiencing the complete loss of their material possessions? 

[Three of their four dogs have been found safe, one amidst the rubble, as of this writing.  We pray for little Bruno's safe return in what would be an extraordinarily wonderful thing for all four dogs to return home safely after such an event.]



UPDATE:  Shortly after writing this Bruno was located and appears safe.  All dogs recovered!

These two events were too significant for me to just ignore.  I couldn't move forward with any other sort of blogging without first acknowledging that these two events are the most important in my life right now.  I didn't want my trivial blog to make it seem otherwise.  

I didn't give too glowing of a preview of the upcoming "Work, an Income" post.  And I certainly don't make any promises as to the quality or captivating nature of it.  But I do still feel it is important to flesh out, at least for me personally.  After all, I'm going from what I consider an outrageously comfortable income and lifestyle to intentionally having no full time income (from myself or my wife), with three young kids to boot.  The income side of this equation is critical to consider, to include such trivial things as laundry mats and internet costs.  I'll publish it eventually, but really just haven't felt enough passion about writing it these last few weeks considering the major events we were anticipating, experiencing and witnessing.  And please don't confuse my lack of detailed blogging regarding these events as a reflection of how they impact me.  I suppose the more meaningful or heavier subjects are just a little harder to write, and sometimes a bit uncomfortable for me when being made available for anyone to read.

*Though not always evident in my writing, this does require a significant portion of my brain power.  Maybe that speaks to the limited supply available for use, or just the challenge of pulling jumbled thoughts out of my head and transferring them to coherent sentences.  Either way, my brain is cramping right now.

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